The Law Offices of M. Ballard Mitchell

Facing allegations of a Title IX violation or being charged with a crime is a turning point in your life. The outcome of your case can drastically affect your future. To obtain an optimal result, you need a defense lawyer who understands the laws that apply to you and the systems that interpret them and will fight for the results you need.

Attorney Megan Ballard Mitchell has a background and wealth of experience that make her uniquely qualified to provide a powerful defense in your Title IX, criminal, or education law matter. Having worked as a federal education civil rights attorney and criminal defense lawyer, she navigates the education and justice systems with ease. A skilled negotiator and strategic litigator, Megan has an intuitive feel for the most effective approach to a particular case.

Whether you are facing allegations of sexual misconduct, were charged with a crime, or your child is facing discrimination at school, it is easy to feel lost in the system. When you work with Megan Ballard Mitchell, she sees you, not just your case file. She will treat you with the respect you deserve, provide the responsive service and clear communication you need, and stand with you every step of the way.